Naked Splendor indeed!

We had the best album launch ever last night @ McGugan’s. The tiny upstairs room was JAMMED with wonderful people, some of whom I had not seen in ages. Many came from out of town for the launch and it turned from a “listening party with a few live songs” into a full-fledged evening of live music and encores. wow. I really can’t thank everyone enough for an amazing evening,  and a pure, genuine and beautiful response to my little songs. And to think I was doubting the entire endeavor only days before. Huge thanks to my musical friends and colleagues Rob Best and Jonathan Seet for making it so easy to do what i needed to, my courageous and long-suffering wife Tracey Coveart (sweet T) for her shining voice and to Rique Franks, Derek Christie and Laurelle Augustyn for jumping up for some lovely impromptu backup vocals!
None of it would have been possible without my amazing family and their belief in me and the work.

What a great night and a wonderful validation of all my work on this album. Now…. go buy it, please

(photo by dave boire)

some comments from the launch:

” ‘t was glorious. Jonathan, Rob and Rob were great. There was even a Brilliant Fish and his funny Valentine, Tracey! So sweet.” -RF

“Loved the gig… You are the magic man! VEry inspired by the minimalism and of course your vocals. BRAVO! The tune where you and Trace were singing together face to face in the mic was just magic. Really really touching. That was a highlight for me. Love the way you two are together. :)” -SS

“A fine performance and wonderful event last night. You both were in your element. This stuff needs to be heard and seen more often my more people… More please!” -DC

“What an amazing show last night Rob! Your band of friends and your sweet T made such beautiful music with your tunes. I really love these songs. Evidence that no matter what is going on, life is beautiful!!!” -TM

“I can’t think of a better way to have spent friday night. Man I had fun. Thank you for a great night out … and for sharing your talent!” -KM

“Had a great time. Thanks so much! Love the album, it’s awesome!” -CBP