introducing… the GB DUO!

Over the years, I have had the honour of playing with some of the finest musicians around. One of these wonderful people is the incomparable Cam MacInnes. An exceptional guitarist, composer and producer, Cam’s work is always captivating, inspiring and often extremely moving. He has worked with artists such as Drastic Measures, RaRu, Perfect World, Lee Whalen, Mary Jo Eustace, Gayle Ackroyd, Melanie Doane, Melody Ranch and Besharah. He is half the composing team with Bill Colgate in the band Cadre, and the “third member of the duo” Hush & Rust.

Now, I introduce the GREENWAY BLVD DUO: Rob Greenway & Cam MacInnes.

Drawing from the GB and brilliantfish catalogues, we are stripping the songs down to their essence, often re-imagining them entirely, in an intimate guitar/piano/vocal setting.

Our first gig is JANUARY 14 at The Tranzac in Toronto. The front room at The Tranzac is a wonderfully intimate listening space and a perfect debut for the Greenway Blvd Duo.
Hope to see you there!