Rob G
Rob Greenway (photo: tracey coveart)

Greenway Blvd is the alter-alter ego of musician/producer Rob Greenway, whose alter ego is the eclectic/elastic/ever changing brilliantfish.

“The Blvd” is the outlet for his ‘singer/songwriter’ side which very few are familiar with. A sucker for a good melody and a hook, Rob has always been a fan of The Song, from XTC to Bacharach/David to Steve Earle¬†and many stops in between. With a focus on lyrical stories, familiar themes of love and loss are told through straight up pop/rock songs and ballads. Well… ‘straight up’ may be a slight misnomer. Greenway’s approach to lyrics is often slightly left of center, grabbing the listener with first lines such as “you could kill me if you wanted to/you could die in your bed/there’s a heap of trouble in this world/we could drink ourselves to death…”. This, couched in a medium tempo ballad, gives the song “Cold Ride Home” an intriguing and curious feeling, possibly raising more questions than it answers.

Written, recorded and produced by Rob, Greenway Blvd often features world class guest musicians such as Jonathan Seet (solo artist), Howard Willett (ex-Bebop Cowboys) and Rique Franks (Dan Hill, Roger Hodgson).

Take a walk inside and out… take a walk down Greenway Blvd.


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